Nature heals our depression

Nearly, twenty percent of today’s youth facing depression issue all over the world, and about half of them develop disorders before the age of 14 (World Health Organization). Mentally disturbance and addiction contribute to many suicides over the world each day.

According to an estimate, around 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Depression is a leading figure of disease in youth and major contributing disease in the world.

If compare depression patients with general population, depression patients have unhealthy lifestyle, including dietary patterns, poorer sleep quality,. smoking, lower levels of physical activity and alcohol abuse etc.

Our chemistry for nature is genetic and deeply rooted in evolution. For example, have you ever surprised why most people prefer to book accommodation that has a great view from the balcony or roof?

 Have you ever think, why patients having natural view from the hospital bed recover faster than others? Or why is it that when we are facing depression or stress we want to go in nature and feel relax?

There is a need to understand the power of nature that how effective nature is, in the treatment of stress related mental disorder. It is highly effective and cheap treatment which makes your mind relax.

Nature is everywhere, but high quality nature isn’t available equally

Away from the nature is major source of depression. Nowadays, people are getting attention in electronic things that are emitted rays which are harmful for man’s mind.

Human mind needs natural atmosphere to heal up from depression, anxiety and from other psychological issues. Nature develop so many positive emotions in your mind, such as joy and calmness.

According to a research that is published in 2022 by International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction impel that nature therapy is an effective short term treatment for mentally disturbed patients.

In one research it is proved that with nature, the natural rehabilitation of depression, which is a psychiatric syndrome with different symptoms: low mood, loss of interest or pleasure, reduced self-esteem, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, excessive feelings of guilt and self-blame, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, self-injurious behavior, reduced concentration, slowed or restless movement, sleep disturbances and changes in appetite or weight is possible.

According to a Britain institute, approximately 45% had the habit of visiting green areas like, parks, Forests, etc. Before the Covid 19 pandemic. But after the pandemic, it reached about 75%. People started going outside to fresh their minds and to feel calm, which helped people to get rid off the habit of pandemic time.

Spending time in nature is so far better because of several reasons.

• It helps to exercise.

• It helps to get vitamin D.

• It improves sleep.

• It decreases anxiety.

• It helps to focus on work

• It helps to feel fresh.

• It gives better immunity

There are so many different activities to develop connection with nature:

For instance, it is possible that some people may get attention the beauty of nature by listening birdsong or animals voices or touching the bark of trees. Some may get attention by smelling flowers or feeling the soil by hands.

It’s quite possible that some people get attention of nature by reading any poem or novel which praise the beauty of nature. These all things help people to connect consciously with nature.

People with good nature connectedness tend to be happier

Different researcher have proven that people who are more interlinked with nature are more happier in life and live their lives satisfactory. Connected with nature is the cause of lower depression and anxiety in people.  

There are so many examples which explains that on various stages approximately every country is trying to reduce mental disease of the people. So many countries trying to give message to nation that nature is compulsory to get rid off from mental disease.


Apart from this reality that approximately twenty percent of youth is facing mental health issues, it is quite possible to fight against this disease through nature. Nature can heals your depression.

The key purpose of this article is to convert people’s attention from this concept that there is not necessary to go specific areas to get relaxation, people can feel better in homes or in society.

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