What Are The Different Types Of Memory

Memory is the process of saving information and bring it in use when requires. Memory has differentiate differently according to people. Memory basically the phenomenon of remembering things.

Memory is the key part of our lives. This world is relying on the memory of people. If people can not remember things what they know today, then this world could not be seen as we are seeing today.

Memory helps us to understand this world more better.

Types of Memory

In past years, researchers tried to classified memory into four. Researchers agreed that here are four basic types of memory. The four basic types are: sensory memory, short term memory, long term memory and working memory.

Sensory Memory

Sensory memory is the representation of our environment. In other words, sensory memory is the storage device of our data which we receive by our senses. At this stage, mind get information from surroundings.
In sensory memory information saves for some seconds. During sensory process mind get information by three ways. Iconic, echoic and haptic. Iconic means information that we get from sight. Echoic means that information which we get through ears and haptic in which we get information through touching things.

Short-Term Memory

As title indicates, short term memory allow to recall information for a small period. Short term memory lay between sensory and long term memory. It is not as sudden as sensory memory is and not as permanent as long term memory. It is also known as primary memory.

Short term memory can save information with rehearsal. For instance, if someone wants to recall phone number, he must repeating that number for sometime. If someone needs to recall that number after few minutes, may be it will impossible to him/her.

Working Memory

Working memory has limited capacity to store data temporary. It is used for that tasks which someone is performing in present time. Working is near to short term memory as it is used to store data for some time.

Long-Term Memory

Long term memory is used to store data for long time. Approximately, one can store data in long term memory for years. If one recall events which are saved in long term memory, he/she just requires 30 seconds to recall it.

Long term memory does not have any limit for data to store. It can remember data which we store in long term years back. For example, we can easily remember our first prize ins school or our childhood festival memories.

Long term memory further divide into 2 kinds. Explicit and implicit. Explicit is the type of long term memory that concerns with recollection of factual data. While implicit is concerned with unconsciously thoughts of humans.


Memory is necessary for humans. Human mind has four basic types which we have discussed above. Why humans have different types of memories? That is very common question. Every type has its own purpose. These different types of memory helps us to recall data on time.

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