As songwriters, we comprehend the benefits of getting our melodies heard and discovered openings in the melody business.

We truly ask the estimation of expansive business rivalries those purported “tune lotteries” that gather 20,000 to 30,000 passages every year. They brag a great deal of publicity, however, enable no obvious path for musicians to recognize whether their tunes are completely investigated or genuinely considered.

Another issue with those “Enormous Cash-Prize” rivalries is self-evident: They compensate just a couple of winning lyricists while every other musician gets nothing at all for their creative endeavors and section expenses.

The Great American Song Contestâ„¢ is a particularly unique sort of songwriting rivalry as well as a much better decision for most musicians, lyricists, and writers.

1. Fair and Limited Competition: The Great American Song Contest is available to beginner and semi-star musicians just, not experts who earn a huge number of dollars in eminences (to see Rules and Entry). Most different rivalries have no such farthest point, so their champs may be built up masters with well-paid distributing contracts.

2. More Chances To Win: different “Enormous Cash Prize” occasions that take in 20,000 to 30,000 sections, the Great American Song Contest confines yearly admissions to 5,000. This not just builds the chances of winning for participants, it likewise guarantees that the judges have adequate time to assess every melody precisely.

3. Knowledgeable and Supportive Judges: Great American Song Contest judges altogether assess every tune, at that point give accommodating and determined assessments. Each lyricist gets a composed assessment of their melodies from challenge Judges. (See Judges and Judging)

4. Clear Accountability: distinctly, other songwriting challenges, the Great American Song Contest is straightforwardly responsible. You do not have to think about whether your melodies were thoroughly explored and genuinely precise. That will be evident from the determined assessments you get from the challenge judges.

5. Focus on the Song: GASC Judges concentrate just on the songwriting verses, tune and tune structure, NOT on the vocal exhibitions, instrumentation or recording quality.

6. No Unfair Creative Bias: Some challenges support “business” tunes over “artistic” tunes. Judges in the Great American Song Contest measure business tunes similarly with inventively masterful melodies. (See What Songwriters Are Saying about GASC)

7. No Arbitrary Time Limits: All melodies are judged alone merits. Not at all like with numerous different challenges, is no discretionary length forced on any melody.

8. Reliable Customer Service: When you submit melodies, you will quickly get an admission affirmation. As the due date approaches, we will send you a determined Judging plan, so you will know when the victors will be reported as well as how the entire assessment process functions.

9. Affordable Entry Fees: Isn’t it stunning what amount of a few challenges charge, even though they offer no reasonable benefit for most musicians who enter? The Great American Song Contest offers to bring down admission charges and still give a distinct advantage to all musicians who enter.

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